35.0191 Anarsia innoxiella Gregersen & Karsholt, 2017

Status and Distribution

In March 2017 a paper was published introducing Anarsia innoxiella as a species new to science (see under A. innoxiella in Publications - Published Papers, on this site). It had previously been present, undetected, within the species Anarsia lineatella. A few photographs of confirmed A. innoxiella can be seen in Images.

Following advice and assistance from one of the paper's authors, further records of A. innoxiella in Britain have been confirmed and investigations are ongoing to determine how widespread the species is. Early indications are that it is well established in south-east England but should be considered at best local in its distribution.

It should be noted that not all previous records of non-bred Anarsia lineatella in Britain, where a specimen or good photo is unavailable, can be taken to refer to A. innoxiella. At least one genuine wild caught A. lineatella has been confirmed from a specimen found in a mercury vapour light trap run in a Dorset garden.

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Provisional Map

Maps updated with all data received by February 2016.

Foodplant and Larval Feeding Signs

In Europe the species is reported using Acer species, particularly Acer campestre (field maple).

Finding the Moth

Searches for larvae in south and south-east England on Acer campestre during May and June are recommended.

Larval Occurrence

Larval Occurrence

Flight Period

Flight Period

Occurs from late June to early August.

Earliest: 19th June 2015 (VC21)

Latest: 15th August 2012 (VC13)