Additional Publications

In alphabetical order of the first author


Davis, A. M. (2012). A Review of the status of Microlepidoptera in Britain. Butterfly Conservation, Wareham. (Butterfly Conservation Report No. S12 - 02)

Elsner, G., Heumer, P & Tokar, Z., 1999.  Die Palpenmotten (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae) Mitteleuropas.

Karsholt, O. & Rutten, T., 2005.  The Genus Bryotropha Heinemann in the Western Palearctic (Lepidoptera: Gelechidae).  Tijdschrift voor Entomologie 148: 77-207.  A complete revision of this genus in the Western Paleartic recognising 36 species and introducing nine new species.  Detailed descriptions, biology and an extensive reference section are presented in English and the publication also includes male and female genitalia drawings, colour photographs of the set imago and distribution maps.

Manley, C., 2008.  British Moths and Butterflies – a photographic guide.
This photo guide contains a small and rather varied selection of photographs of live Gelechiid species (27 in all).  Great care should be taken when using this popular guide as no mention is made in the text that many similar looking and often common and widely distributed species have not been included.

Manley, C., 2015.  British Moths and Butterflies – a photographic guide to the Moths and Butterflies of Britain and Ireland Second Edition.
This updated photo guide contains a large selection of photographs of live Gelechiid species (122 out of the 162 species).  The text provides a short summary of size (and a size bar for comparison with other species), status, flight period, habitat, foodplant and feeding signs, where known, and a map of approximate distribution in the British Isles. All photos are of moths facing in a similar direction allowing comparison between species and a few have more than one photo of the adult or a picture of the larval leaf-mining signs. The identifications of species depicted in the Gelechiidae section appear to be correct and advice is given in some cases as to the need to dissect to ensure correct identification.

Parenti, U., 2000.  A Guide to the Microlepidoptera of Europe.
Contains a small selection British Gelechiid species (42) depicted by good quality photographs of set specimens.  Many of our most common species are not shown.

Parsons, M. S., 1995.  A review of the scarce and threatened ethmiine, stathmopodine and gelechiid moths of Great Britain.  U.K. Nature Conservation No 16. A valuable source of information, including distribution, habitat, ecology, status, threats and conservation as it was appreciated in 1995, and reference sources covering 89 of the Gelechiidae.