Listed below are a selection of websites displaying photographs of, or information relating to, Gelechiid moths, their larva and ecology.  This is not an exhaustive list and will be added to as information becomes available.  If you are aware of any appropriate websites not listed below then please contact the scheme organisers.


UK Moths - links are provided to each species displayed on UK moths.  As an alternative, view thumbnails for each subfamily via this link.

Dissection Group - an extensive range of photographs of male and female genitalia of the Gelechiidae, primarily of British origin.

British Leaf-miners - restricted to those species mining leaves as part of their larval development.


UK Moths - view thumbnails for each subfamily covering most of the British species.

British Lepidoptera - A developing British site by Dr Chris Lewis that discusses identification features and contains a good selection of species.  It includes photographs of live moths, set specimens, genitalia and close-ups of various parts of the moth's structure such as palps, antennae etc.

MothsIreland - an image library of live Gelechiid moths from Ireland listing county of origin.

German Lepiforum – this site takes some beating showing many of the British species both as live adults and set specimens but also includes shots of some larvae, the larval feeding signs and habitat shots applicable in Germany.

Leaf miners of Europe - this site is designed to assist identification of various taxa by giving a written description and, where available, photographs of the mine, larvae and foodplants utilised in Europe.  The Gelechiidae that do produce leaf mines need to be searched for by genus or larval foodplant.  Those larva and/or leaf mines illustrated on the site are denoted by an asterisk alongside the species name and are of good quality.  The combination of text (repeated in English) and photos make this site well worth checking out.

Leaf miners of Belgium - this site covers the Lepidopteran leafminers from Belgium, with lots of pictures and the possibility to search by family, by plant or by kind of mine.

Jeff Higgott’s UK Lepidoptera has an extensive range of photographs of live moths covering many of the British Gelechiidae.  Thanks to Jeff for allowing our Scheme website to use a selection of his photographs.

Hants Moths provides a good range of photos of Gelechiid species found in this part of southern England.

Montgomeryshire Moth Group

Norfolk Moths provides a good range of photos of Gelechiid species found in this part of eastern England.

Northumberland Moths – a selection of photos of some species found in north east England.

Patrick Clements photographs of a range of Gelechiid species

Invertebrate Ireland online citations for records of species recorded in Ireland with a few photos of live moths and larvae.

Dutch website in English with identification key linked to photographs of set specimens.

Lepidoptera of Belgium – a list of the lepidoptera recorded in Belgium linked to a range of photographs of live moths.

Lepidoptera of the Crimea - photographs of live moths; text in Russian

A Finnish website showing photographs of set specimens of a wide range of Gelechiidae found in this northern European country.

Lepidoptera of Southern France and Corsica - good range of quality photographs of live moths

Microlepidoptera in Holland – excellent site with thumbnail photographs of adults linking to further larger photos of live moths, larvae, larval feeding signs, a flight graph and distribution map for each species recorded in Holland. Text in Dutch.

Extensive range of photos of Swedish Gelechiidae - set specimens

Extensive range of photos of European Gelechiidae

European Butterflies and Moths
Photographs of the adults from across Europe including some from the British Isles.

Norwegian Moths and Butterflies - a website showing live moths, photographs not enlargeable


Distribution maps for each species recorded in Scotland at a vice county level

Hants Moths provides a good range of photos of Gelechiid species found in this part of southern England.

Norfolk Moths provides a good range of photos of Gelechiid species found in this part of eastern England.


Informative overview of what constitutes a Gelechiid species and the history of the nomenclature and taxonomy of this family.

Dutch website with a detailed taxonomic key in English.

Lepidoptera of Belgium – this site has a useful list of references covering publications relating to the Gelechiidae.

A database of Gelechiidae and their foodplants, created by the BRC.  The link below takes you to an extensive reference list or you can search by entering foodplant or species.