Reference Books

In alphabetical order of the first author and then chronologically:

Agassiz, D.J.L.,Beavan, S.D. and Heckford, R.J., 2013

Checklist of the Lepidoptera of the British Isles, 2013

Replaces Bradley, J. D, 2000 (Checklist of Lepidoptera Recorded from the British Isles, Second Edition, revised) as the definitive British list.  It introduces a novel numbering sytem whilst removing one Gelechiid species from the main list (Sophronia humerella is placed in the Questionable list) and reports that what was known as Scrobipalpa salinella in the British Isles is probably referable to S. salicorniae.  The taxonomic order within the Gelechiidae is reported to have been rearranged to follow that in the Fauna Europaea ( but does not appear to be a direct match.

Curtis, J., 1827

British Entomology; being illustrations and descriptions of the genera of insects found in Great Britain and Ireland: containing coloured figures from nature of the most rare and beautiful species, and in many instances of the plant on which they are found. 4, nos 147-194, pls 147-194.

Emmet, A. M. (Ed.), 1988

A Field Guide to the Smaller British Lepidoptera (2nd Edition).

This guide provides comprehensive guidance to field workers who require details of adult flight times, larval appearance, foodplants, pupation times and locations where this information was available at the time of publication.  It has no illustrations, drawings or adult descriptions but is an invaluable tool when looking for microlepidoptera, including the Gelechiidae.

Emmet, A. M. & Langmaid, J. R. (Eds.), 2002

The Moths and Butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland Volume 4, Part 2.

This book provides comprehensive coverage of the Gelechiidae recorded in Great Britain, Ireland and the Channel Islands up to 2002, with colour plates depicting set adults, dichotomous keys to species level covering each genera, drawings of a complete set of male and female genitalia and distribution maps at a vice county level.

Ford, L. T., 1949

A guide to the smaller British Lepidoptera. 230pp.

Gregersen, K. & Karsholt, O., 2022

The Gelechiidae of North-West Europe

Haworth, A. H., 1828

Lepidoptera Britannica 4: 512-609

Heumer, P. & Karsholt, O., 1999

Gelechiidae I.  Microlepidoptera of Europe Vol. 3.

This and the book below are part of the definitive series covering the Gelechiidae in Europe and provide detailed species text in English and a complete set of photographs of set specimens and genitalia and are part of a planned four volume set.  This volume covers the tribes Gelechiini and Teleiodini in the subfamily Gelechiinae.  The British species covered are in the following genera - Xystophora, Athrips, Neofriseria, Prolita, Sophronia, Mirificarma, Aroga, Chionodes and Gelechia. Text in English.

Heumer, P. & Karsholt, O., 2010

Gelechiidae II.  Microlepidoptera of Europe Vol. 6.

This volume covers the tribe Gnorimoschemini in the subfamily Gelechiinae. The British species covered are in the following genera - Scrobipalpa, Scrobipalpula, Phthorimaea, Tuta and Caryocolum. Text in English.

Humphreys, H. N. & Westwood, J. O., 1845.

British Moths Transformations 2: 192.

Karsholt , O. and Rutten, T., 2005

The genus Bryotropha Heinemann in the Western Palearctic (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae).

Included within this publication is detailed coverage of all of the Bryotropha species occuring in the British Isles. There are black and white photos of set specimens of all species, drawings of male and female genitalia, life histories and information on the separation of similar species. Text in English.

Kirby, W. F., 1874

Lepidoptera. Zool. Rec. 9: 332-382.

Meess, A., 1910

XXXVIII. Fam. Gelechiidae. In Spuler, A., 1903-1910: Die Schmetterlinge Europas 2.

Meyrick, E., 1927

A Revised Handbook of British Lepidoptera.

Although now out of date with respect to species names and distribution, this book contains detailed descriptions and keys to the Gelechiidae, amongst other Lepidoptera families.  The Gelechiidae can be found on pages 601 to 650.

Morris, F. O., 1870

A natural history of British moths 4: i-viii, 1-304, pls 97-132.

Parsons, M. S., 1995

A review of the scarce and threatened ethmiine, stathmopodine and gelechiid moths of Great Britain. UK Nature Conservation 16: 1-130.

Pierce, F. N. & Metcalfe, J. W., 1935

The genitalia of the Tineid families of the Lepidoptera of the British Islands.

Spuler, A., 1903-1910

Die Schmetterlinge Europas. 2, [vi] + 523pp., colour pls 56-91.

Stainton, H. T., 1851

A supplementary catalogue of the British Tineina & Pterophoridae.

Stainton, H. T., 1854

Insecta Britannica. Lepidoptera Tineina & Pterophoridae.

Stainton, H. T., 1865

The natural history of the Tineina 9: [vii], + 276, pls 1-8.

Stainton, H. T., 1867

The natural history of the Tineina 10: [vii], + 304, pls 10-16.

Stainton, H. T., 1869

The Tineina of Southern Europe.

Stephens, J. F., 1834.

Illustrations of British Entomology or, a Synopsis of Indigenous Insects: containing their generic and specific distinctions with an account of their metamorphoses, times of appearance, localities, food, and economy, as far as practicable. Insecta Haustellata 4: 436 pp., 23-40pls.

Sterling, P., Parsons, M. & Lewington, R., 2012

Field Guide to the Micromoths of Great Britain and Ireland.

This book only covers 53 of the British species of Gelechiidae but has an excellent introductory chapter on the family, a small selection of photographs of larval feeding signs and drawings of the adults in resting posture, by Richard Lewington.