35.0205 Dichomeris acuminatus (Staudinger, 1876)

Status and Distribution

Britain's first record came when one was attracted to a MV light trap on the evening of the 28th September 2016 in Walditch, Dorset. A second was found in the Isles of Scilly on 21st September 2018 (D. Grundy) and a third on 13th October 2018 on the Lizard, Cornwall (M. Tunmore). These records all support the suggestion that this is a migratory species.

National Status: Migrant
Bradley & Fletcher no: -
Photographer: © M J Parsons
Location: Dorset

Provisional map



Set Specimens

Dichomeris acuminatus, Dorset 2016 (Photo: © M J Parsons)

Foodplant and Larval Feeding Signs

In Europe the larva is thought to feed on various species of medick and clover, including Medicago sativa (Lucerne) and possibly also Trifolium repens and T. pratense (White and Red Clover). It is also believed to feed on Medicago x varia (Bastard Lucerne ).



Finding the Moth



As a migrant, it is most likely to be encountered at light along coastal and adjacent inland areas of southern Britain.

Similar Species


As a migrant to Britain the moth has only been noted, so far, in late September. In Europe it has been recorded in all months from March to October and occurs in France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and some of the western Mediterranean islands.