35.0145 Mesophleps ochracella (Turati)

Status and Distribution

Adventive, probably arriving in imported dried plant material.

Only one record of this southern European species has been noted, in Northern Ireland on 3rd September 2015.


National Status: Adventive
Bradley & Fletcher no: -
Photographer: Photo wanted

Provisional map



The origin of this specimen is not known but it is considered most likely to have been imported with dried plant material.

Finding the Moth

A single male of this southern European species was attracted to MV light at Greenmount Agricultural College, Northern Ireland on the 3rd September 2015 by Rodney Monteith. A dissection was carried out by John McClean and the identity established by Dr. K. Sattler of the Natural History Museum, London.

Similar Species

There are a number of similar species occuring in Europe.


The single moth located in Britain was attracted to MV light on 3rd September 2015. It seems probable that the origin of the moth was a larva or pupa being imported into the British Isles on dried plant material used in the Agricultural College.